Bottlenecks to Survival is part of the PSF 
Marine Science Program

Fishery & Predation Monitoring

Another mainstay of the Bottlenecks project is an innovative and novel fishery and predation monitoring program being conducted in collaboration with DFO-StAD with support from the BC Sport Fishing Advisory Board and local marinas.

This program will utilize PIT and video technology integrated into cleaning tables at a number of high-traffic recreational landing sites on Vancouver Island (map), and routinely scan known pinniped haulouts and heron rookeries for expelled PIT tags. Detection of tagged fish and video data collected at landing sites will provide valuable supplemental information to DFO’s creel survey program and help quantify stock-specific exploitation rates, while scanning for expelled tags will help to better understand the proportional levels of mortality occurring from avian and pinniped predation. These two activities will provide valuable additional capture information that would be unavailable by any other means and further contribute new information on survival bottlenecks for salmon in the Salish Sea.

Harbour seal haulout scanning to detect PIT tags from tagged fish that had been consumed by predators, photo credit: D. Swainson.
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