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Katie Innes

Biologist, PSF, M.Sc. (U Vic)

Biologist, PSF, M.Sc. (U Vic)

Katie is a biologist who has been studying Pacific salmon, with a focus on Chinook salmon, for six years. She began as a research assistant on the Adult Salmon Diet Program at the University of Victoria and supported graduate student salmon research projects, including a juvenile Chinook Salmon marine ecology field study and an adult Chinook Salmon acoustic tagging project. Katie’s keen interest in conducting her own salmon research was sparked in 2018 when she worked as a biologist for the Nisg̱a’a Lisims Government at a remote field camp in northern British Columbia where she was responsible for sampling adult Pacific salmon during their return spawning migration.

Katie’s MSc research contributed to the Winter Ecology component of the Bottlenecks to Survival Program led by the Pacific Salmon Foundation and BC Conservation Foundation. Specifically, she studied juvenile Chinook Salmon overwinter feeding and bioenergetics in the Strait of Georgia. In 2024, she joined PSF as a biologist on two BCSRIF-funded research programs, the Bottlenecks to Survival and Salmon – Herring Interactions Programs.

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