Bottlenecks to Survival is part of the PSF 
Marine Science Program

Meet our team

Sam James

Project Manager, PSF M.Sc. (UBC)

Sam is a biologist who has spent the last eight years conducting research on Pacific salmon. Her love for salmon began on BC’s Central Coast working as a research assistant studying viral dynamics in local salmon and trout populations in Rivers Inlet. She then partnered with the Hakai Institute’s Juvenile Salmon Program to conduct her master’s research at the University of British Columbia on the foraging ecology of juvenile sockeye salmon during their early marine migration.

Sam joined the Pacific Salmon Foundation in 2019 and participated in a large-scale BCSRIF-funded review of hatchery practices in BC, working closely with federal government’s Salmonid Enhancement Program to better understand how hatchery practices influence survival. In 2023, she joined the Bottlenecks to Survival Program as a co-manager alongside BCCF’s Jamieson Atkinson.

Solutions-focused, Sam is dedicated to collaborations and novel approaches to answering the big questions surrounding salmon.

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