Bottlenecks to Survival is part of the PSF 
Marine Science Program

Meet our team

Will Duguid

Senior Biologist, PSF

Will Duguid has been a postdoctoral researcher working under Francis Juanes at the University of Victoria and is now PSF senior biologist leading the Chinook Salmon winter ecology component of the PSF and BC Conservation Foundation-led Bottlenecks to Survival Study. He also initiated, and continues to oversee, the PSF-funded UVic Adult Salmon Diet Program. Will is a lifelong salmon enthusiast having worked as a recreational fishing guide and as a salmon stock assessment biologist with LGL limited, primarily in support of BC First Nations' stock assessment programs. He completed an M.Sc. in crustacean reproduction and development and a PhD in juvenile Chinook Salmon marine ecology under the umbrella of PSF's Salish Sea Marine Survival Program.  

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